“If you got it, share it”

This quote I picked up from a girl who lives in my apartment complex. We randomly met at the pool the other day through a mutual friend. After two hours of  bathing in the suns rays and soaking in the chlorine-saturated, public water, I was introduced to the whole friend group, invited to have pizza, and welcomed into their apartment and fully stocked bar.

She shared everything, to me, an almost complete stranger, and expected nothing in return. Perhaps it wasn’t a grand gesture to some people, but to me, a girl who has had to work hard for what I have, it was more than a slice of pizza or a drink. It was neighborly kindness that gave me a new way of thinking.

Instead of counting what I have, putting my name of everything I place in the fridge at work, keeping track of how much money my roomies owe me, tallying the number of  granola bars my friend “borrows”… I’m going to just give in, give in to generosity.


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