When did “Dress Code” become a suggestion?


Teen Girl Accuses Her School Of Slut Shaming After Being Sent Home Because Her Jorts Were Too Short

Institutions, especially ones like public schools, put dress codes in place for a reason. As a future teacher, I believe it is important to hold students and teachers to a certain standard of appearance. This appearance reflects the personality and values of the school and the individuals who are a part of that school system. Dress codes are not meant, in most cases, to curb individuality, but to bring to the forefront a student’s inner beauty and knowledge.

Why is it so hard to follow the rules? When I was in high school, I once got in trouble for my shorts being too short. Yeah it was embarrassing, but I called my mom, she brought me school-appropriate clothes, and everyone went on with their day. It is NOT SLUT SHAMING or BULLYING to ask a any student change his/her clothes (or attend in-school suspension) in order to adhere to the rules set in place by the dress code.

I am proud that members of my generation and younger are exploring our rights granted to all of us by the U.S. Constitution to express who they are. But with these rights, we also have a responsibility to respect – those around us, the institutions set up by the same government granting us those rights, our teachers, our fellow students…

In the real world, when these students grow up and enter the work force, they will have to dress appropriately for the career that they want. Isn’t it the job of schools to teach students, not only the academic skills they need to reach their goals, but also the life skills needed?


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