My not-so-hypothetical wedding

After over 6 years of dating, including a 3-year engagement, it is finally time to start really planning the wedding. My fiance and I, having just finished up school, have set a date. Now the fun begins…

We’ve held off the wedding because we went to different universities, I graduated from Miami University (no, not in Florida, the one in Oxford, Ohio) and he graduated from Ohio University. Now that we both have our degrees, it’s time we got the ball rolling on the wedding thing.

This is already proving to be harder than I thought. There are so many decisions to make, places/people to book, people to invite, and most regrettably, things to buy. As most girlie girls have, my wedding has always been this big romantic idea in the back of my head. I started planning back in grade school with my own version of a Pinterest board – a composition notebook with scribbled thoughts, rough sketches, and magazine clippings. Most of these ideas are out of date and I am happy to say that my tastes have improved with age. My tastes, however, are adding to the struggle of making all these wedding decisions. I’m learning that all the wonderful, elegant pictures I have in my head regarding what my wedding with be like, may not be possible on the budget my fiance and I have – or don’t have.

Neither of us have a job yet (yay college grads!) and there is no way either of our parents will be able to help, financially at least. My mom and future mother-in-law will be able to help out with all the DIY that’s about to happen! Everything from the save-the-dates to the centerpieces at the reception will be hand made by yours truly and her inner circle! Although it is going to be a lot of work, I cannot wait to start this journey with my fiance!


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