Cat ladies and crochet needles

While at Barnes & Noble the other day with my fiance, I walked by a pink box that seemed to beg me to pick it up. I did.

It was a box set that included everything I needed to create delicious-looking crochet projects. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, among the many other projects I assigned myself for this summer, I have decided to take up crocheting. I’ve always liked the idea of knitting and crocheting. These seemingly simple tasks, usually reserved for grandmothers and crazy cat ladies (like my own grandma, she could be a double whammy! Too bad she doesn’t have a crafty bone in her body), have become a thing of the past. A nostalgic pastime. When I lived in France, my host mom, Marie-France trying to teach me to knit. Unfortunately, I never got the hang of it in the entire semester I was there. This summer, however, I want to take on knitting’s cousin, crochet. There are tons of patterns and videos online, and with Yummy Crochet (the box set with all it’s contents), I hope to do my host mom and other grandmothers everywhere proud!



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